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Amidst the countless books on navel gazing, meaningful relationships, chicken soup, prophesies, where babies come from, and the supernatural world, here's one book that can finally answer the following questions:

  • What to do when you work for a turkey?
  • Is there life after the corporate rat race?
  • Are you an employee or entrepreneur with attitude?
  • What kind of entrepreneurs do politicians become?
  • Do sheep date horny animals?

Full of witty cartoons about the business world and life as an entrepeneur, this book is a great read for anyone who's been there, is there, or wants to get there!

"There's entrepreneurial substance behind this humor for those wise enough to see its elegant order" Futurist Frank Ogden, better known as Dr. Tomorrow

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Ten great reasons to buy this book!
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about the book
About Nattalia Lea.


Here are some sample cartoons from the book!

Ten great reasons to buy Miracles for the Entrepreneur!:
  • it's cheaper than Prozac with no long-term side effects.
  • much, much cheaper than Viagra and won't leave you with any stiff body parts.
  • easy to read because it has no fine print.
  • it's great motivational material when you've had a bad day at work.
  • really puts life into perspective.
  • the drug-free way to get your daily dose of endorphins.
  • big enough that it can't be flushed down the toilet.
  • thick enough to prop your window up without letting in rodents and other big four legged critters.
  • laminated so that if you spill coffee on the front cover you don't need to have a heart attack!
  • great investment, as the book is a collector's item, created by one of Canada's few female cartoonists!

More comments about Miracles for the Entrepreneur!
"For those entrepreneurs and friends who miss the humorous side of their business life, this book is a must read! " C.S. Roger Jarvis, President of Jarvis/Woodside Travel and Canadian Prairie Regional Entrepreneur of the Year 1995 (Services Division)

"This book illuminates a lot of two-bit situations in human affairs that we see every day. It isn't so much a humor book as a humorous book about business life." John A. Masters, President of Anschutz Exploration Corporation and former president of Canadian Hunter Exploration Ltd.

A word about the author and illustrator:
Nattalia Lea graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1978 with a bio-resources engineering degree (electives in fine arts) and from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in bio-sciences technology in 1973. Her artwork has been shown at juried art exhibitions in Vancouver and Calgary. Prior to becoming an accomplished Calgary-based freelance writer and consultant, she worked eight years as an engineer. Her articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines in Canada, the United States, Malaysia and Singapore -- The Globe and Mail, Profit, Oilweek, Business in Calgary, Vancouver Sun, Victoria Times Colonist, Canadian Lawyer, CA Magazine, Alberta Report, etc. Ms. Lea has spoken publicly on journalism, entrepreneurship and international marketing; and been a guest on CBC Newsworld, Vancouver's Dave Abbott AM 1040 Show and other radio shows. She is a nominee for inclusion in the 1997 edition of Who's Who of Canadian Women. In her spare time, she is cartooning her next book, The Revenge of the Computer Widow.

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